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Health + Wellness Do Condoms Prevent Pregnancy? Learn how condoms can prevent pregnancy and how to avoid some common mistakes people make when using condoms as birth control. Learn More
Product 101 Why Thinner Condoms Are Better Thin condoms help you get closer to your partner – without sacrificing safety. Learn More
Health + Wellness Many Ways to Do it: Types of Sexual Orientations, Identities & Attractions Learn about the many ways to experience sexual attraction by understanding the differences in sexual orientations and identities. Learn More
Health + Wellness Do Condoms Prevent HPV? Understand what HPV is, how it spreads and how to prevent it. Learn More
Health + Wellness Safer Sex Using Condoms to Prevent STIs Condoms help prevent sexually transmitted infections or STDs. Learn More
Health + Wellness Yeast Infections and Sex plus Condoms, Lubes, Vibrators Learn the symptoms of a yeast infection and what to do if you have one. Learn More
Health + Wellness What is a UTI & What Does it Have to do with Sex? Learn what a UTI is and feels like, how to prevent one, and what to do if you get one. Learn More
Health + Wellness Knowing No: Let's Talk About Consent for Sex Great sex blows your mind, but only when it's safe and consensual. Getting consent for sex is more than merely mandatory. It's also sexy and spicy. Learn More
Health + Wellness Let's Talk about Sex: Communicating with Your Partner Talking about sex with your partner (needs, wants, boundaries) Learn More
Health + Wellness Understanding & Respecting Gender Identities Gender identity and expression can be a complex - and ever evolving - process when you're figuring out who you are and how you show up in the world. Learn More
Health + Wellness Protecting Yourself in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Get the Facts Social distancing doesn't mean you can't sexplore with confidence. Get the facts on COVID-19 and sexual health and how to practice safe sex during quarantine. Learn More
Health + Wellness How to Sext: The Basics for Sexy Text Messaging Sexting, aka sending sexy texts, can be a fun way to connect with your partner when you're apart, but there are a few things you need to know before you start. Learn More
Health + Wellness The Most Common Symptoms of an STI STIs or sexually transmitted infections can have an uncomfortable symptom or no symptoms. Learn how to check, when you should get tested and how to prevent STIs. Learn More
Health + Wellness Body Positivity, Body Neutrality & Learning to Live in and Love Your Body Learn to counter body insecurities, negative body image and body shaming with positivity, confidence, and loving your beautiful, valid, sexy body. Learn More
Health + Wellness Understanding Different Types of Relationships to Find What Works for You Learn about different types of relationships from monogamy to open relationships to polyamory and how to set healthy relationship boundaries with your partners. Learn More
Washing a sex toy or vibrator.
Product 101 How to Wash Your Vibrator or Sex Toy Cleaning your sex toy or vibrator after each use is essential for good sexual health. These simple steps make it easy to wash with a gentle soap you already have. Learn More
Couple holding hands after using a sex toy together.
Product 101 How to Use a Vibrator or Sex Toy with a Partner Using sex toys or vibrators with a partner can be a great way to experiment in the bedroom. Discover tips on how to incorporate using them together. Learn More
Product 101 Yes, Condoms Do Expire & How You Store Them Matters Trojan™ condoms are there for you when it's time to get busy. But they don't last forever and it's up to you to take care of them by storing them in a safe place. Learn More
Product 101 What Size Trojan™ Condom Do You Need? Here's how to know Find out the basics to condom sizing like why fit matters, what condom size you need, how a condom should fit, how to measure and more. Learn More
Product 101 Trojan™ and Magnum™ Condom Size Charts Find the right Trojan™ or Magnum™ condom for your size, preferred fit and pleasure with our condom size chart. Learn More
Product 101 Trojan™ Condoms Types, Shapes & Styles for Your Favorite Fit & Feel Condoms come in different shapes and styles - flared, contoured, straight, bulbous and studded, ribbed, thin or smooth - that affect sensitivity and feeling. Learn More
Product 101 What's Lube & Why Do You Need It? Up your sex game by using lube to increase sexual comfort and pleasure by decreasing friction and making penetration easier for partner or solo play. Learn More
Product 101 How to Put on a Condom Correctly When used correctly, condoms are 98% effective in protecting against unintended pregnancy and STIs. Learn how to properly put one on. Learn More
Product 101 Choosing the Right Vibrator for You Sometimes you want to add something extra to your love life. Trojan offers several types of vibrators that help bring the magic to your solo and partner play. Learn More
Product 101 How Big and Long Are Magnum™ Condoms? Making sure your condom fits is key to a great sexual experience. Discover if you should wear Trojan™ Magnum™ large size condoms, which are larger than standard? Learn More
Product 101 Picking a Vibrator or Sex Toy with Your Partner for Powerful Partner Pleasure Discover which adult toys are best for couples and some tips on how to pick a vibrator or sex toy that will increase pleasure for you and your partner. Learn More
Product 101 Using Condoms on Shared Vibrators, Dildos & Sex Toys Get tips for how use condoms and lubes with your favorite vibrator, dildo or sex toy, and clean up after sharing or using them. Learn More
Person creating an online dating profile.
Sex Tips 7 Tips to Create a Fun and Sexy Online Dating Profile Online dating and dating apps can be intimidating. Learn how to write an interesting and engaging dating profile to take the stress out of swiping. Learn More
Rumpled bedsheets from a couple having sex for the first time.
Sex Tips Tips for Having Great Sex for the First Time and Losing Your Virginity Having sex for the first time can be nerve-racking and even intimidating. Make sure you are prepared and comfortable to lose your virginity with this guide. Learn More
Sex Tips Turn It Up with Partner on Top Sex Positions Switching things up in the bedroom can add excitement to a couple's sexual routine. Partner on top sex positions can amp up the fun and address different desires. Learn More
Sex Tips Understanding the How, Why and Oh My! of Orgasms Orgasms are ahh-mazing. Learn the ins and outs of how to orgasm, benefits of orgasms and how to pleasure your partner to orgasmic bliss. Learn More
Sex Tips What Is the G-Spot & How Do You Find It? Learn about the G-spot and how it has been hailed as the go-to body location for ultimate, female pleasure with amazing orgasms and even squirting. Learn More
Sex Tips The 411 on Foreplay & Why You Shouldn't Skip It Brush up on your foreplay knowledge and skills to help get you and your partner aroused, in the mood and ready for sex. Learn More
Sex Tips All About Anal Play & Backdoor Action Try these anal sex and butt play tips with your partner for when you want to have a night of elevated sexual pleasure. Learn More
Sex Tips How to Masturbate Better for Mind-Blowing Self-Pleasure There's no one way to masturbate. Try these solo play tips & techniques for men, women and all genders to ramp up the pleasure when you touch yourself. Learn More
Sex Tips What is Mutual Masturbation? Try these mutual masturbation tips with your partner for when you want to self-pleasure simultaneously, either in-person in the same room or over video. Learn More
Sex Tips Everything You Need to Know About the Clitoris & How to Find It The clitoris can bring on intense orgasms for someone with a vagina. Get the facts on what the clitoris is, how to find it and how to use it to your advantage. Learn More
Sex Tips 14 Hot Tips for Long-Distance Sex & Virtual Hookups Social distancing or long distance relationships don't mean you can't still get it on. You don't have to physically be together for things to get hot and heavy. Learn More
Sex Tips How to Give & Get Great Oral Sex: Positions, Tips & Techniques Oral sex can be intimidating. With the Trojan oral sex tips and guide, you'll be more comfortable and confident in bed. Learn More
Sex Tips Everything You Need to Know about Squirting Orgasms Get the 411 on female ejaculation or squirting, whether all women have squirting orgasms, whether guys can squirt, and what it means when it happens. Learn More
Sex Tips Tips, Tricks, and Positions for Steamy Shower Sex Get some tips for how to have great sex (or masturbation) in the shower plus go beyond standing with more hot shower sex positions - and sex toys - to try. Learn More