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What Is the G-Spot & How Do You Find It?

Bullseye image, representing the g-spot.
Conversations about pleasure and sexual exploration often include the G-spot. Legend (and its name) suggest precise coordinates which, if stimulated correctly, can unlock unparalleled satisfaction. Sounds like a treasure worth finding! Or is it just hype? Let's see if G really marks the spot.

What is the G-Spot?

First of all, is the G-spot real? Yes?! That's right - question mark and exclamation point. Simply put, it's complicated. Potentially getting more attention than the clitoris, the G-spot has been hailed as the go-to body location for ultimate, female pleasure with amazing orgasms and even squirting. But opinions and experiences have been - well, all over the place.

Some women report feelings of intense pleasure that fit the description of a G-spot orgasm, and others experience no significant change in sensation. While no conclusive, scientific proof of the G-spot appears to exist, many findings suggest the existence of an area where the clitoris, vagina and urethra share the same blood supply and network of nerve endings. This area has been credited with causing increased sensitivity when stimulated.

This area is also believed to be an extension of the clitoris. Surprising right? Especially since the zone referred to as the G-spot is accessed internally (through the vagina), while the clitoris is generally accessed externally (being part of the vulva). The clitoris is actually much larger than the small portion that's visible above the opening of the vagina. It extends well into the body proving that although it's quite popular, it's an even bigger deal than some might think.

Do All Women Have a G-Spot?

Yes, technically all people with a vulva and vagina have a G-spot. But, let's be very clear - everyone is different. Sensory perception in this area ranges from nothing out of the ordinary to intense pleasure, and some people don't even like being stimulated there at all. And that's OK.

Finding pleasure shouldn't be stressful, and you shouldn't feel pressured to like a particular form of stimulation in any prescribed location just because it's all the rage. It's also important to realize that the inability to experience or cause a G-spot orgasm does not indicate sexual inadequacy or lack of skill. Each body and experience are different.

How to Find the G-Spot

It may be a cliche, but sometimes the journey is just as important as the destination (if not more important). With expectations set correctly, safe, consensual sexual exploration is an enjoyable and worthy pursuit. You may even set off a few fireworks! So if you're up to the search, here are a few tips for the expedition.

Location - In General

The area described as the G-spot is located approximately one to three inches inside the front wall of the vagina (it's on the same side as the belly button as opposed to the spine).

What Are We Looking For?

Some women have described the G-spot as having a spongy texture. Others say they don't detect a specific physical indication that it's there other than the good vibes it generates when stimulated. Rather than looking for a specific spot, see how different areas respond to touch and stimulation.

Stimulating the G-Spot

The best way to find the G-spot is by trying to stimulate it. When preparing to enjoy a round of sexual exploration, start off with a comfortable environment and enough time to relax and take an unrushed approach. Then, let the fun begin!

Play it up. Foreplay is important whether exploring with a partner or on your own. Foreplay will increase blood flow, create arousal and help heighten sensation to make the experience more enjoyable and rewarding.

Don't come empty handed. Sexual exploration and lube go hand in hand. Lube decreases friction for a more comfortable and delightful experience. Sex toys can also add to the fun with texture, rhythm, pressure and added reach. Some of our favorites for G-spot stimulation are the Trojan™ Divine Contour Wand Vibrator or the Trojan™ Vibrating Bullet.

Come on over. For manual G-spot exploration, the typical in-and-out thrusting motion used for vaginal stimulation is best replaced with a come-hither motion. It's the same hand position and motion for "come here" using your index finger.

The person whose G-spot is being stimulated can lie on their back. They or a partner can insert one or two fingers (palm facing upward) into the vagina and make a come hither motion against the front wall of the vagina with varying speeds and pressures. Stimulate different areas to see what's most pleasurable.

Pick your Positions. For penetrative sex with a partner, sexual positions that allow for deeper penetration or tighter contact like the cowgirl and doggy style seem to help in G-spot stimulation.

Fun fact: the G-spot is named for Ernst Grafenberg, the gynecologist who identified it in the 1950s. Its existence became quite popular in the 1980s, and the infamous G-spot is still somewhat of a mysterious Shangri-La of elusive pleasure for those who find it. What is clear, is that searching for and trying to understand the G-spot can be very pleasurable. Make Trojan part of the fun and enjoy the journey!