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Trojan™ Condoms Types, Shapes & Styles for Your Favorite Fit & Feel

Different condom shapes.
If the only condom you've ever tried is a freebie from a festival or your school's health office, you're missing out. Condoms come in a variety of shapes, styles and fits that can improve both pleasure and protection. Here' s a guide to Trojan™ condom shapes to help you find your new favorites.

How is a Condom Supposed to Fit? It Depends on the Shape

Just like with pants, there are many ways to make a pair that have the same waist and inseam measurements. For example, 32" x 34" jeans come in slim fit, straight cut, boot cut or flared, and relaxed fit, and which you choose depends on your style and how they feel.

Condoms also come in slim, snug, or tight fit, straight fit, flared fit, and roomier fits. Knowing your condom measurements is only a part of the equation for determining whether a condom fits properly. Your preferences also play an important role for what it means for a condom to fit and feel great.

Some people prefer condoms to be tight and form-fitting, while others enjoy having more room for movement. The good news? Condoms come in many different shapes and sizes.

There Are Different Condom Shapes? Who Knew?

Don't worry if you weren't aware that there are different shapes of condoms. Sadly, most people don't know this fun fact and haven't tried different condom shapes. That means yo're missing out on important differences in how the condom feels during sex. Even if you like your current condom, trying a new shape brings new experiences, and you might find that a different shape takes sensation and pleasure to unimagined heights.

Straight-Walled aka Classic Condom Shape

The classic condom shape has straight, smooth sides and a reservoir tip. This is the shape that comes to most peoples minds when they think of a condom. But there are also condoms that are tight at the base then flare out to get wider, or condoms can also come with ribs or studs along the walls.

Bulbous or Relaxed Fit Condom Shapes

Bulbous-shaped condoms, such as Trojan ™ Ecstasy are relaxed at the top on purpose to allow for more freedom of movement - a turn-on for some and a turn-off for others. Straight wall condoms are parallel-sided all along the shaft, which can improve sensitivity for some but can feel too constricting for others.

Trojan™ UltraFit™ Condoms are Four Different Shapes for Different Feels

The Trojan™ UltraFit™ collection has four unique condom shapes that provide differences in feel for the condom wearer. Shape is more important than thinness when it comes to sensitivity and sensation along the penis during sex.

The important thing to remember is that a condom is supposed to feel good (even great!) and can enhance your (and your partner's) pleasure. If the condom you're using reduces sensitivity, makes it hard to keep an erection, slips off, breaks easily, or is annoying in any way, it's time to try a different shape or style.

You're going to have to experiment to see which shape of condom feels most awesome for you - and your partner. It seems that more sex is required to learn which condom is your best fit and provides the most pleasure. How will you survive? ;)

Trojan Condom Shape Guide for the Best Fit and Feel

With more than 30 condom options, Trojan™ offers many different condom shapes as well as smooth, ribbed, and studded styles.

Condom Shape Definition Trojan™ Condom
Straight Wall, Reservoir tip aka "Classic Shape"

This standard condom shape is the same width from the base to the head, with a reservoir tip at the end to catch ejaculate. Great for folks who want a snugger, more secure fit.
Tapered, Flared, or "Baseball Bat Shape", Reservoir tip

The condom gradually increases in width from the base to the head. The wider head offers more room, and the tighter base helps reduce slipping off, especially after sex.
Large Bulbous End or "Light bulb" sometimes called Freedom Fit. Reservoir tip.

The mid-point to the head of the condom is wider than the base, providing more freedom of movement and to accommodate a bigger head. The tip of the condom has a reservoir end to catch ejaculate.
Super Bulbous End, No Reservoir tip, aka "Comfort Shape," or "Parachute"

From the middle of the shaft to the end, this condom allows more freedom of movement. The width of the condom at the head is significantly wider than at the base for the roomiest fit along the shaft without worry of slipping at the base. The tip of the condom is rounded without extra space at the tip, but the more spacious design has room for ejaculate.
Snug base, wide shaft, fitted head, reservoir tip. Aka Contoured Shape.

The snug base keeps the condom in place while the wider middle allows more freedom of movement and heightened pleasure for the wearer. The condom then has a band and contours to the shape of the penis head for a more sensitive tip Trojan™ Ultra Fit™ Sensitive Tip Feel
Straight-walled, no reservoir tip The condom has approximately the same width from base to tip. The end is rounded. Trojan™ Naturalamb

With so many sizes, shapes, and fits of condoms, you can choose the ones that are best for you, depending on what you and your partner likes. It's okay to have more than one favorite and to mix it up for new sensations!

Trojan Condom Type Guide: Ribbed, Studded, Smooth, Warming

Any of the condom shapes above can be smooth-walled or enhanced with ridges or dots along the surface, or with added lubricant to create sensations such as warming or cooling. If you've never tried a ribbed or studded condom, your partner may appreciate the change-up. Trojan™ condoms' ribs are strategically designed to hit all the right spots and to enhance pleasure with the natural movements of sex.

Here's how Trojan™ condoms break down by style. Try some from each category to see what feels best, and keep a variety of condoms on hand to use when you switch up positions, intensity, or mood.

Condom Style Definition Trojan™ Condom

The classic condom has a smooth surface and is thin-walled to conduct sensation. For extra sensitivity, try a condom labeled "thin."
Ribbed Condom ribs are little raised ridges around the circumference of the condom, designed to boost sensation for the partner by intensifying friction. The ribs can be deep or narrow, which affects feel.
Studded or Dotted Condoms of any shape can also come in dotted or studded styles, which are series of bumpy, circular dots over the surface of the condom which intensify friction and can increase partner pleasure with the rougher and varied texture. Trojan™ Studded BareSkin
Warming or Tingling The condom contains an enhancing lubricant to create cool, warm, or tingling sensations during sex. Trojan™ Fire & Ice™ EDGE

You've Found Your Favorite Trojan Condoms Fit & Size, Now What?

Condoms should feel great and enhance pleasure for both partners. If you're not getting all you want out of your current condom, it's probably time for a change. Check out the Trojan™ Condom Finder to find the perfect fit.

Even if you're enjoying your favorite condom, exploring the different options can not only be loads of fun but also open up possibilities for variety and moods. Trojan makes variety packs with four or five different styles of condoms just for this reason!

Trojan™ has more than condoms to help you find pleasure with your partner. Now that you've found your favorite condoms - and you can definitely have more than one to keep things interesting -try one of our Trojan™ vibes or lubes to add even more fun. If you know what you want, head straight to check out to find Trojan™ products online or in a store near you!