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How to Choose the Right Condom Size for Your Best Fit and Feel

Learn which Trojan condom sizes offer you the best fit and feel

Condoms come in different shapes, sizes, and fits. Some are tapered, some have ribs, some are more snug or slim, and others are designed for larger girths. Which condom you choose affects how it feels, performs, and protects. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits all condom. To get the most from your condom, choose one that fits well and feels great.

But how do you know what size condoms are and whether a condom will fit you? You’ll need to know how many inches in girth and length your penis is so you can know if a regular size condom, like Trojan™ ENZ or BareSkin™ Raw™, or a large condom like a Trojan™ Magnum™ is the right fit for you.

Condoms aren’t measured in the same way that penises are, so it’s important to understand what size condoms are and how that translates to what size you need.

How Big are Condoms?

Condom sizes are determined by their length and nominal width

You can know what size a condom is by its nominal width, or the measure across a flat condom, and its length when unrolled from base to tip. According to Medical News Today:

  • Slim or snug fit condoms have a nominal width of 1.8” or lower.
  • Standard size condoms have nominal width of 2”-2.2”.
  • Larger fit condoms often have a nominal width of 2.2” or higher.
  • A penis length longer than 7” may need an XL condom to ensure the condom can unroll fully to the base of the penis.

Learn about the measurement differences between regular and large size condoms

Most condoms are “standard size” or “regular”, while large or XL condoms and snug or slim condoms tend to say so on the package. If you’re hoping to find more specific measurements for Trojan™ and Magnum™ condoms, refer to our condom size chart.

What Condom Size Do I Need?

Condoms come in different sizes to accommodate for differences in how you’re built. Most people wear a standard or regular condom, which are sized to fit the average penis size range.

Average penis length and girth changes slightly depending on the study, and whether the measurements were self-reported. The Boston Medical Group took data from 20 studies and found that the average penis length in the United States is 5.57 inches erect and the average erect girth is around 4.8 inches.

Some condoms are on the snugger or shorter side and others are wider and longer, such as Trojan™ Magnum™ condoms. This info below isn’t perfect, and you should always go with the condom that fits and feels best for you, but here’s a general idea about small/snug, standard, and large/XL condom sizes and the penises that go in them.

  • Small or snug condoms: Penis length under five inches and girth 4.25 inches or less.
  • Standard or regular condoms: Penis length 5-7 inches and girth 4.25-5 inches.
  • Large or XL condoms: Penis length over 7 inches and girth over 5 inches.

Small, Regular and Large Condom Size Chart

Get your length and girth measurements to determine what condom size is right for you

How Do You Know What Size Condom to Get?

Pay more attention to the nominal width when choosing the correct condom size because condoms don’t have to unroll all the way down the penis to fit fine (in fact, they usually don’t).

However, if the nominal width of a condom is too large for your penis girth, the condom could be too big and slip off during use. And, if your girth is too big for a standard size condom, it could be too tight and reduce feeling or more easily break.

To know if a regular condom will fit you or you need to size up or down, you need to know the length and girth of your erect penis. Don’t know your measurements? Read on!

How to Measure Penis Length

Follow these steps to measure your penis length. A cloth measuring tape works best for this, but you can use a string and cut it to the length and measure the string with a ruler. Remember, get fully erect before you measure:

  1. Put the end of a tape measure or string against your stomach at the base of the penis.
  2. Put the measuring tape or string along the top of the penis.
  3. Measure out to the farthest point of the tip and record to the nearest 1/8” or millimeter.

If you have a measure app on your phone, you can use your phone’s camera to mark the points at the base of the penis and the tip, and let the app calculate the length.

Learn how to measure your penis size and girth

How to Measure Penis Girth

Measuring penis girth is about how big you are around. You’ll want to measure both the base and mid-shaft girth to best understand what condom type might fit you best. Small differences in size can affect fit, protection and pleasure:

  1. Wrap flexible measuring tape or string around your penis at the base of the shaft.
  2. Record the measurement to the nearest 1/8” or millimeter.
  3. Find the widest part of the erect penis shaft and measure around, then record as you did for the base. Do not worry if the measurement is the same or different.

If your penis is roughly the same girth from base to head, you may prefer a straight-walled or classic fit condom. If your penis gets wider, you may prefer a flared or tapered fit like Trojan™ Magnum™ condoms or a bulbous condom shape like Trojan™ Ecstasy, which provide more room at the head.

Another tip: condom sizing on packages is usually shown in millimeters. You can multiply inches by 11.5 to get the number of millimeters. Or for Trojan™ or Magnum™ condoms, you can toggle between millimeters and inches measurements on our condom size chart.

The toilet paper roll test can help you determine if you need a large size condom

Is the Toilet Paper Roll Test for Girth Accurate?

There’s an urban legend about being able to tell whether your penis girth is average size by seeing how it fits into an empty toilet paper tube. This is not entirely accurate because the average toilet paper tube is about 5.5” in girth while the average erect penis girth is ~4.7 inches in the US.

However, if your penis will not fit fully inside the toilet paper tube, you’ll likely need a large size condom. For a more accurate understanding of what size condom you need, follow the measurement process outlined above.

How to Buy Condoms Without Knowing Size

Most people wear regular size condoms which are “standard size” for a reason – they fit the range of average penis girth and length. If you don’t know your girth or length, a standard condom is a good place to start, since they’re designed to fit most people.

Review our signs your condom doesn’t fit below to see if you need to size up or down and check out our “Can I Wear a Magnum™ Condom?” article to see if a larger size might be best for you.

Why Condom Size Matters

Condoms must be the right size and fit for optimal safety and protection. Condoms that do not fit properly can be both uncomfortable and less effective at preventing STIs and pregnancy. Poorly fitting condoms can also break more easily, slip off, or get removed during sex.

How should a condom fit

A condom that fits should feel tight but not uncomfortable and cover the penis from the tip to the base of the shaft where it meets your body. Condoms should feel secure at the base of the penis, so they don’t slip off.

Don’t worry if the condom doesn’t unroll all the way but if there’s a lot of rolled condom at the base, it can feel like a rubber band and be a sign you need a smaller condom. If a condom feels too tight around the head or doesn’t reach all the way down your penis, try a larger size.

Here are some other ways to tell that your condom doesn’t fit properly:

Understand the signs that suggest you are wearing the wrong condom size

How to tell if your condom doesn’t fit:

  • “Not feeling anything” or reduced pleasure for the wearer
  • Reduced pleasure for the partner
  • Difficulty achieving orgasm
  • Difficulty maintaining erection
  • Slipping off (too loose)
  • Breaking or tearing (too tight)
  • Bunching up at the base or hanging off the tip (too long)
  • Condom tourniquet (band at the base is too tight)
  • Not reaching the end of penis shaft (too short)
  • Foreskin drag (condom caught in foreskin and dragged up the shaft)

Choosing the Right Condom Size for Protection and Pleasure

Knowing your measurements and choosing a condom that is sized closest to you will help you get the best fit and prevent condom complaints such as feeling too tight or slipping off. No condom is one size fits all so choose the condom that fits and feels the best for you.

Trojan™ offers a wide variety of condom shapes, sizes and styles. With your newfound knowledge, and the help of the size chart and our product quiz, you can find a condom that fits well and feels great.