Vibrators: What’s Your Type?

When you’re talking vibrators, one size, shape, color, sensation or level of power simply does not fit all. And we think that’s great. Part of sexual health is learning about what feels best for you. So, in developing our TROJAN™ VIBRATIONS product line, we make every effort to design products to appeal to people from just about any walk of life or level of sexual experience. This quick guide can help you decide which TROJAN™ VIBRATIONS vibrator suits your needs, but don’t feel you should only try one. Try a few. Why not start a collection?


TROJAN™ VIBRATIONS Vibrating Rings are a wonderful introduction to vibrators. The level of vibration is not too intimidating for new users and, since the rings are for couples, both partners can learn and explore together. Worn by men, Vibrating Rings are also a lot of fun for couples that are familiar with vibrator couple’s play and are looking for a quick way to spice things up on a spontaneous special occasion.


TROJAN™ Vibrating Bullet and TROJAN™ ULTRA TOUCH™ Intense Personal Massager put powerful and sensual pleasure at your fingertips. Perfect for solo or partner play, both vibrators allow you to explore new worlds of thrills. Versatile, soft and easy to use, it’s an exciting way to turn any night into a special night.


Small vibrators such as TROJAN™ Pulse Compact Vibrating Massager and TROJAN™ TRI-PHORIA™ Intimate Massager are used for external stimulation. Without compromising on power, small vibrators offer a lot in the way of precise stimulation. Explore new pleasure possibilities with the TROJAN™ TRI-PHORIA™ Multi-Tip Vibrating Massager interchangeable tips. A wide range of vibrators in this category can certainly be used with a partner, and are especially nice for helping you discover the many ways you can achieve pleasure before intercourse.


Traditional vibrators are larger, great for internal or external stimulation, and have stronger vibrations. TROJAN™ TWISTER™ Multi-Position Vibrating Massager has a rotating handle that snaps into 4 different positions making it good for both internal and external play. TROJAN™ Divine Multi-Speed Vibrating Massager has ridges and contours for added stimulation as well as 3 variable speeds. Vibrators of this type can be used for both clitoral and G-Spot stimulation. They’re fun for couples and individuals who are ready to play at this level and have tried various external vibrators.


We recommend experimentation to find out what works best for you, and we can’t emphasize enough how important and fun it is to explore and celebrate your individuality. Enjoy your journey of self-discovery!