Put A (Vibrating) Ring On It!

Put A (Vibrating) Ring On It!

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Never seen one of these before? It’s a vibrating ring!

Vibrating rings fit around the base of the penis and are designed to add a heightened level of pleasure for both partners during intercourse. Both vibrator connoisseurs and first-time vibe users can agree that there’s a lot to love about vibrating rings.

  • Powerful – Most women need clitoral stimulation during sex. Small but mighty, vibrating rings, like the TROJAN™ Hot Spot™, are designed to hit those hard-to-reach pleasure spots.

  • Partner pleasure – If you use a vibe for solo play and want to introduce one for partner use, look no further! Vibrating rings are designed with both partners’ pleasure in mind; you feel the vibrations (and he can too), while he controls speed and pressure.

  • Size matters – In this case, the smaller the better! Vibrating rings are designed to seamlessly fit between you and your partner while you’re having sex. Because rings are discreet, you can throw one in your bag before a night out with your boyfriend or a romantic weekend getaway with your hubby.

  • Extended pleasure – With batteries that last up to 20 minutes, you and your partner can challenge yourselves to extend your time together beyond just a quickie.

  • Multi-talented – Vibrating rings are not a one-trick pony. In fact, the TROJAN™ 2-in-1 Vibrating Ring includes a sleeve so it can double as a finger massager during foreplay. Switch things up by sliding a vibrator on a dildo for solo play.

  • Condom compatible - These versatile little vibes can be used with a condom, which is a huge bonus if you want to protect yourself against STIs and avoid pregnancy. Just make sure that the condom goes on before the ring!

So, next time things start to heat up in the bedroom, put a (vibrating) ring on it!