Massage & Sensuality

Sometimes you feel so full of sexual energy you just want to jump in and get to the good stuff. And sometimes you’re a little more low-key and want to take it easy.

On those occasions, a sensual massage is the perfect foreplay.

Basically any water-based massage lotion you like is fair game. You can find nice ones at bath shops or you can use the kind you find in any drugstore.

Don’t use the good sheets (or be really careful). Even water-based massage lotion can stain. You may want to put down a towel before you begin the massage.

Treat all five of your partner’s senses with candles, relaxing music and aphrodisiac foods like chocolate to set the mood. 

Fan stroking:
Fan stroking movements are among the easiest and most calming. Place your hands side by side on the body, palms down, and then smoothly and gently slide upward, leading with your fingers. Fan your hands out to both sides of the body and, with light pressure, slide them down the sides of your partner’s back, following the contours of the body. Pull your hands up and swivel them around to begin the upward movement again.

Use fan stroking to apply water-based massage lotion and to link different areas of the body. Work smoothly and rhythmically. You can vary the length of the stroke, but keep the rhythm fluid. Use the weight of your body to apply a steady, even or slightly increasing pressure through the palms and heels of the hands.

Repeat several times, covering the whole area.

Circular pressure:
Circles are great for releasing tension. Apply pressure with the heel of the hand, increasing the intensity gradually. As you work, circle more deeply and firmly, then slowly release and move on to the next area.

For smaller or tender areas, use fingertips in a circular motion.

For tight, knotted muscles, place one thumb on top of the other, and lean into the body.

Don’t squeeze!

You can take turns giving and receiving, or you can be a real sensualist and treat your lover to an evening of pampering.