Foreplay Fun

“Foreplay”: fore-play, Noun
1: erotic stimulation preceding sexual intercourse
2: action or behavior that precedes an event”

That’s the actual definition of foreplay, but the reality is that foreplay is much more complex (and exciting) than the dictionary makes it sound. The acts each of us would define as “foreplay” are as varied and unique as we are!

Everybody benefits from a little foreplay. Women aren’t hardwired for intercourse the way men are. Females often need a buildup of stimulation to relax and become lubricated. A man who focuses on foreplay is a good man indeed. He can have fun giving his partner the time and pleasure she needs to get aroused enough for comfortable and pleasurable intercourse.

Foreplay can start long before clothes come off. Talk the talk! Sexy talk is a great turn-on for couples, and if you’ve never tried it, it’s easier than you might think. Just tell your partner what you want to do to her or him, and how you want to do it. Try not to touch each other at this point. Or if you want to touch, avoid touching breasts or any genital area. Stick to the face, hands, maybe the legs. But keep talking while you touch.

Dancing together at a club or giving each other a quick, discreet pat or fondle while out-of-doors can be very exhilarating foreplay for couples. Try something like this: While having dinner out, gently caress each other under the table until you can’t get home fast enough, or sneak in a quick make-out session in a dark corner of a bar. See what works for you. Again, don’t do anything that will get you into trouble or make you uncomfortable—you know what is okay and what isn’t. Always get home before you get too hot.

Now the clothes are coming off. Take them off for each other… slowly. A little music is a nice touch, too. Stripping down and letting your partner admire your body is very arousing. Don’t be shy or apologize for those extra crunches you should be doing. Confidence is key… and very, very sexy.

Think hard. Ladies, learn how your man likes to be touched and turned on. Try putting a little bit of lubricant into the palm of your hand and gently run your open hand over the testicles and the penis. Then take hold of the penis. Start with a looser grip and slowly tighten. Vary the speed from quick gentle tugs to luxurious slow strokes. With your other hand, cup, tickle or lightly tug the testicles.

Gentlemen, start her engine. Bring your hand to your partner’s vaginal area and, with the tips of your fingers, rub her outer lips by spreading them apart and bringing them back together (this should help her begin to get wet). Then you can begin rubbing her inner lips and the clitoris.

Rub the clitoris in a circular motion. Some women like their clitoris to be touched gently, while others prefer a more vigorous contact. Try both, or try varying the contact to see which gets better reviews. Ask your partner what she likes.