Bringing Lubes into the Bedroom

Sexpert tips
Logan Levkoff,
Relationship Expert and Certified Sexuality Educator

If you've tried it, you know. Lube makes sex more pleasurable. And who wouldn't want that? When you bring lube into the bedroom, you're saying that you want the moment to be as enjoyable as possible. Think of it as a sex accessory. The options are endless—the experience is entirely up to you.

Subtle & Sensual

Hint at what's to come. Leave a bottle of lube on his or her pillow, or on top of the nightstand. Imagine how excited your partner will be to know that there is sex—good sex—in the near future. The anticipation is half the fun.

Fun is in Store

Go shopping together to choose a lube that entices you both. Consider how “hot” shopping for sex products can be. It means talking with your partner about what you want your lube to do, asking how he or she wants to play with it, and imagining all the possibilities together. See, I told you, talking about sex is exciting! Shop until you drop (in bed).

"Lube makes sex more pleasurable.”